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In the small Umbrian village of Gubbio, widely considered to be Italy’s best preserved medieval village, stands our founder’s ancestral mansion, the Palazzo Ranghiasci. The palazzo runs the length of Piazza della Signoria (also known as Piazza Grande) and is flanked on one side by the Palazzo dei Consoli (the museum that holds the famed Etruscan tablets) and on the other by Gubbio’s city hall, the picturesque Palazzo Pretorio. Nothing, however, stands in front of the palazzo except the piazza itself which was built in the 1300’s on an incredible stone arch foundation. The view of the Umbrian plain below, from both the square and the function rooms of Palazzo Ranghiasci, are unforgettable.

While the walls, ceilings and stone floors of the Palazzo also date back to the 1300’s, the façade of the palace was built at the beginning of the 1800’s following the dream of Marquis Francesco Ranghiasci, one of the most important players in the 800-year recorded history of the family.

Besides refurbishing the palace’s exterior, Francesco also completely remodeled the palace’s interior and he designed a large park behind the palace, something that would later be granted to the city of Gubbio as Parco Ranghiasci.

In 1830 Francesco hired famous artisans, painters and decorators who would eventually work 30 years to complete the new palace. Francesco’s goal was to build the ideal setting to showcase the family’s power and influence in central Italy.

With its elegant and well-preserved interiors and its delightful private garden, Palazzo Ranghiasci was declared a historical and architectural monument at the beginning of the 20th century. The family archive, one of the most important in central Italy, is also protected by the Italian State.

Our founder, Alessandra, inherited the palace’s “noble floor” from her grandfather, Marquis of Gubbio. There are 10 reception rooms on the “noble floor” of the palace, including a Grand Ballroom that can comfortably seat 70 people, a Music Room (an opulent setting for special shows) and the Palace’s Grand Dining Room (a great place to hold a lavish dinner for a group of special guests). Alessandra is now using it as a very special venue for unforgettable meals, wine tastings, corporate team building experiences, cooking classes, weddings, and family reunions. Let us help you to design the perfect wedding or special event at our palace!

Take a look at the breathtakingly beautiful sights of our palace!

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