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About Customized Journeys

Customized Journeys, formerly M&G Expeditions, was founded in 2003 in the USA as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). We now have offices in Portland, Oregon, and Genoa, Italy.

Small group sizes – usually only 15 members – and a limited number of trips each year allow Customized Journeys/M&G to concentrate on personal service and a commitment to sustainable tourism in relatively fragile parts of the world.

We offer a number of fixed-date trips each year to some of our favorite spots, but the majority of our business is tailor-made adventures for small groups of friends and family, clubs, and associations. See examples of both kinds of trips on our website, and learn more about our work below.

New website coming soon!

Hi Friends & Travelers,

Big changes to our website are on the way this year! At times, our website might be down or some pages may be “under construction”. If you have any questions on itineraries or other materials, feel free to email us at info@customizedjourneys.com. We can send you full copies of itineraries and answer any other questions you may have.

Looking foward to seeing you on an upcoming or future trip!!

The Customized Journeys Team